Why choose us?

Why would you choose us for your education?

With so many courses today it is difficult to decide which academy to entrust with our education. You may be doing your research now and analyzing who will give you the best education for the price you are paying. 7 years ago I was in the same position as you are now and unfortunately for me I never found a course that gave me all the answers and trained me in such a way that I could put in practice my skills as soon as I finished.

I spent thousands and thousands of dollars and I was always left with questions because the manuals were not solid enough, they did not have enough research. The practices were with a model only, so for me it was not enough to be able to venture out and do a procedure alone without supervision the next day.

It is because of all these bad experiences that I have had in those courses that I have passed in recent years that I decided to get involved in the beauty education .

In our academy we guarantee that once you finish the training with us you will be completely ready to open your own business. You are not going to practice only with a model nor are you going to have a rush training because the time is not enough for so much information. We will go step by step in each theoretical topic and we will also talk about laws, regulations and the best part of all is that you will be able to practice with up to 10 models if you need it. We guarantee you that until you feel 100% confident we will not leave you alone. And once you decide you are ready you will still have our 24/7 lifetime support, whenever you have a question or doubt you can call us or send us a text message.

Give us the opportunity to train you and you will see that this will be the best education you have ever received in your entire life. If you’re looking for a Tampa laser hair removal service, we recommend checking out our recommended providers for the best results.